DroidGlove is an Android app for manipulation of hand or gun in a virtual reality world which is provided by game engines such as Unity3D.

That is like the legendary NES controller.

I made hacked Power Glove into this app.


Get DroidGlove at Google Play.

How to use app



First, to install DroidGlove, follow the steps below.

  1. Install DroidGlove to your smartphone.
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi on your phone.
  3. Launch DroidGlove.
  4. Input the IP address of your PC to DroidGlove.
  5. To calibrate direction, aim for the top of your phone at the screen of your PC, and push the reset button.

Next, you are required to configure Windows so that PC software can pass through the firewall. Follow these steps. (These steps are for Windows7)

  1. Open [Control Panel] > [Windows Firewall].
  2. Click [Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall].
  3. Click [Change settings] button.
  4. Click [Allow another program] button.
  5. Click [Browse] button.
  6. Click PC software which supports DroidGlove such as BobbingBots or Mikujalus, and click [Open] button.
  7. Click [Add] button.

How To Play

  1. Launch DroidGlove on your smartphone.
  2. Launch PC software which support DroidGlove such as BobbingBots or Mikujalus, Tag with Unity-chan (in Japanese "Unity-Chan-To-Oikakekko").
  3. Then, turn your phone. If you want to grip, swipe down on DroidGlove.

Sample Project for Unity Permalinkはてなブックマーク

This project includes DroidGlove receiver script and Bobbing-Walking script.


When you use Bobbing-Walking, follow these instruction to prevent falling to the floor.

  • Looking around at first.You must be at least 7 feet away from other objects.
  • Make a circle on the floor around you with a roll of tape. And do not step outside of that.
    If you don't have a roll of tape, place the PowerPad on the floor. ( Don’t tell me you don't have it. :) )
  • Do not move fast.


If you have any question, contact me on Twitter.

Source code

You can get sources at GitHub.

But the latest version is not public yet.

And you have to pay attention that the data format was changed at DroidGlove Ver.1.0.0. (from eular angles to quaternion)

Folder structure

src/Java sources
res/resources such as images

How to use sources

DroidGlove requires JavaOSC, a library for Open Sound Control, which was developed by C. Ramakrishnan, Illposed Software.

  1. Get JavaOSC at following URL.
  2. Copy "modules/core/src/main/java/com" in JavaOSC to "src/" in DroidGlove.
  3. Import that to a development environment such as the Eclipse IDE with built-in ADT.
  4. Export app (.apk) .


Copyright (C) 2014, cubic9com All rights reserved.

This code is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license.

See file LICENSE at DroidGlove repository for more information.

The specification of the OSC protocol and packet of DroidGlove

  1. The port number of a phone is 57100.
  2. The port number of a PC is also 57100.
  3. The specification of the packet from a phone to a PC.
    1. The address is "/droidglove_to_pc".
    2. Data are float x, float y, float z, float w, int grip.
    3. x, y, z, and w mean Quaternion of a phone.
    4. Grip means grip value of the hand. (0 <= grip <= 100)
  4. The specification of the packet from a PC to a phone.
    1. The address is "/droidglove_to_phone".
    2. The data is int vibrationTime.
    3. VibrationTime means the duration time[ms] of vibration.
      If you set it to 0, the duration time will be the time of the preferences of a phone.


Thanks to C. Ramakrishnan, Illposed Software, who developed JavaOSC.

Thanks to Alexander Pacha at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand, who developed Sensor fusion demo for Android.

DroidGlove is inspired by Little Witch Pie Delivery. Thanks to Haramakoto.


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