Oculus Rift CV1 is great.

But there are a few problems for me.

I will try to fix them at this page.

Making of my own face pad

The official face pad is not good for me.

  1. Its side edge doesn't fit my glasses. (Most glasses might be same.)
  2. Its lower edge doesn't fit my nose. (Because I'm asian.)
  3. Its upper edge doesn't fit my forehead. (Because I'm asian.)

Fortunately, the face pad is removable from Rift.

So I will try to make my own face pad.

The new face pad allows 145mm wide glasses.

Materials & Tools

Hard boardMaterial for clips.
Required sizes of plate are 150mm x 150mm.
I used 2mm-thick vinyl chloride plate. It's easy to cut.
Metal plateMaterial for base of face pad.
Required sizes are 200mm x 100mm.
I used 0.3mm thick alminum plate. It's easy to bend.
FoamMaterial for cushion.
I used foam tape. (It's common in Japan.)
FabricMaterial for surface of cushion.
Required sizes are 200mm x 100mm.
Sheet metal snipsTool for cutting a metal plate.
ScissorsTool for cutting a pattern, a hard board and fabric.
Hot glue gunTool for bonding a hard boards to a metal plate.
Double-faced adhesive tapeTool for bonding cloth to foam.


  1. An pattern of face pad for asian who are wearing glasses. (I made my face pad with this.)

  2. An pattern of face pad for persons who are wearing glasses.

  3. An pattern of tracing of official face pad.

  4. Original SVG file. You can modify patterns with Inkscape, etc.


  1. Print the pattern which you like.
  2. Cut two red parts and a black part with scissors.
  3. Mark edges of red parts to a hard board with pen.
  4. Mark edges of black part to a metal plate with pen.
  5. Mark edges of black part to a fabric with pen.
  6. Cut hard board with scissors. Adjust them so that they fit notches of Rift.
  7. Cut a metal plate with metal snips.
  8. Cut a fabric with scissors.
  9. Press a metal plate to hard board vertically and bend a metal plate so that it fit inside arch of hard board.
  10. Bond hard boards to metal plate vertically with hot glue gun. And check fitting with notch of Rift.
  11. Coat edges of metal plate with glue as injury prevention.
  12. Stick foam to metal plate with tape.
  13. Stick fabric to foam with tape.


Finished face pad

Here is comparison of my face pad with official one.



差分 一覧