I modified AngryBots, a sample game attached to Unity3D, into FPS-style game with the Oculus Rift and Android phone.

It's common to use a gamepad for playing games for the Rift.

But I need more natural user interface, furthermore without special devices.

So I developed "DroidGlove" and "Bobbing-Walking".

At first you are required to install my Android app "DroidGlove".


It's still a WIP.


  • "BobbingBots" and "DroidGlove" requires WiFi feature and network connection between your phone and PC.
  • "DroidGlove" requires accelerometer sensors and compass sensor in your phone.


See DroidGlove page.


When you use "Bobbing-Walking", follow these instructions to prevent falling to the floor.

  • Look around at first. You must be at least 7 feet away from other objects.
  • Make a circle on the floor around you with a roll of tape. And do not step outside of that.
    If you don't have a roll of tape, place the PowerPad on the floor. ( Don’t tell me you don't have it. :) )
  • Do not move fast.


  • Android phone
    turn a phoneturn gun on monitor
    swipe downshoot
  • Your body
    look forward and bobbingmove forward
    look at the sky and bobbingmove backward
  • Keyboard
    ESC keyexit software
    Cursor UPmove forward
    Cursor DOWNmove backward
    Cursor RIGHTturn right
    Cursor LEFTturn left
  • Gamepad, Game controller, Joystick (If you have)
    Left analog stick UPmove forward
    Left analog stick DOWNmove backward
    Left analog stick RIGHTturn right
    Left analog stick LEFTturn left


If you have any question, contact me on Twitter.


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